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Mena Suvari as Elyse
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mrd-84818 8 / 10

Loved it!!!

Becks follows the story of an up and coming musician who suffers a tough break after catching her girlfriend cheating on her, and eventually ends up moving back home to live with her mother. I think what really cemented in my love for this movie is how this film portrays love. I liked that this film highlighted what real genuine love looks like, while also maintaining the realities of a complicated romance. I think what I liked most about this film though is the writing. Throughout this movie there were so many hilarious one liners, I honestly couldn't even keep track of how many times I physically laughed out loud at the dialogue of the characters, especially the banter that takes place between Becks and her old friend Dave! The writers of this film definitely knocked it out of the part when it came to raunchy yet subtle bits of humor in this film.

Reviewed by Lugo1989 7 / 10

A nice love story

These are quite good times for LGBT films. 2017 saw a lot of solid releases and Becks can be easily counted amongst them. It is a simple, honest story that deals with sometimes complicated feelings of love, confussion, heartbreak and being stuck in life. The characters and situations all feel real and authentic so you do care about them and wonder how it is all going to end for them. Do not be worried by the sudden drop of rating on this site. It is currently at 5.7 and definitely deserves more, plus, the rating is much higher on most other film sites. The performances are really nice as well and another thing that especially stands out are the heartfelt, good music performances by Lena Hall. Kudos to the songwriters. Becks will appeal to everyone who enjoy small character driven indie films that deal with real feelings and real-life situations.

Reviewed by davepalante 9 / 10

Honest and heartfelt

Becks is the most authentic romantic drama to come around in some time. It tells the story of a musician, played by Lena Hall, who moves home to the midwest after a breakup. Love is the center role in this film, portrayed as realistically as ever. The performances are fantastic all-around, with Lena Hall in a star-making role, fitting in several musical performances that are to die for. This film is a truthful realization of the connections we form and the bonds we break, and I would highly recommend this film to those who appreciate an honest and heartfelt story of love.

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