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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Kinlever Kinlever 9 / 10

Interesting and fresh genre experiment, multiple gains

The film is a mixture of several genres. Coming of age and coming out story combined with family drama and horror. Some people say it resembles of Carrie, because of Christian extremism, but it is actually a side story, Christianism here was just a pretext to keep a girl separated from real life and usual experiences and feelings. But the best part is actually the metaphor of growing up in an unloving family, and being a neglected child. The film just shows what would have happened, if a neglected child could have taken (unwillingly) revenge of her uncaring parents. It could be interpreted as a tense and well directed metaphor of what is going on, suppressed, in a sole of the unloved child; child who has been convinced by her parent that their obsessive control is a substitute for love. Uncontrollable and forbidden love for a new person in life is a good challenge for the battle with dark forces of the unloving family. Its definitely worth seeing, for the fans of a tense movies which require good nerves and strong attention. Highly recommended.

Reviewed by Lugo1989 8 / 10

One of the darkest supernatural love stories

Thelma is a hard film to categorise. It contains everything from drama, mystery, supernatural elements, a bit of horror and is essentially a story about love, self-discovery and the fear it may be attached to it. It is a very slow film but the pace is even enough so it never gets dull or drags. The opening sequence is perfect and sets the tone of the film right from the very first seconds. All the performances are simply top-notch and photography stunning. There is also a bit of symbolism present so you will get your share of food for thought. The symbolism nicely compliments the film, it is not the focus of it and thus does not make Thelma a full on art-house film where you can't decipher or understand what is going on. It is very well written although it is very hard not to think of or compare it to Carrie since there are similarities.

Everyone who love dark films and stories with haunting atmosphere, good performances and beautiful photography should not miss this one. Recommended.

Reviewed by rai-15799 1 / 10

Stupid, BS, Bad and what not

Next level of stupidity. In the name of art people make what non sense out of nothing.

Parents are really bad that is the message, Oh BTW bit religious parents are really really bad.

You are lesbian you are too good, you are even best kill the parents, fantastic message.

Director and writers should be hanged by there feet so they do not die quickly but keep hanging for long long time in pain.

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