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Olivia Munn as 'Old and Lame' Show Attendee #9
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Eric266 5 / 10

Just a Money Grab

I don't expect a lot from Stiller's comedies. His everyman persona works at times (Night at the Museum movies, the first Meet the Parents film) and other times it doesn't (Walter Mitty, Meet the Parents sequel). However, Zoolander has a special place because of the cult aspect of the film. The first movie was quirky, original, and made excellent use of cameos and actors poking fun at themselves (David Duchovny takes special note). Zoolander 2, ick. After 15 years I would expect something better. The makers of movies that wait over a decade for sequels like this and the Anchorman sequel seem to think you can just put the character on the screen and fans will pay to see it. Both films suffer from some pretty lame writing with only sparse funny bits. The main actors hold the movie up by the sheer weight of their likeability, but its not enough. If you couldn't do it justice, just don't do it.

Reviewed by Sean Lamberger 3 / 10

Tries and Fails to Revisit the Spirited Satire of the Original

Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson are back on the runway as male models Derek Zoolander and Hansel, perhaps sporting a few extra wrinkles around the eyes. The original Zoolander was a sleeper hit, pulling a shocking number of laughs from what seemed like a very thin concept, and its delayed sequel, unfortunately, pales in comparison. Like many folllow-up efforts from the same genre (Austin Powers and The Hangover, I'm looking at you here) Zoolander 2 falls into the trap of constantly re-hashing the gags that worked the first time. Why innovate when the well's right there waiting for your return, after all? What new material it does bring to the screen is often good for a chuckle, but not deep enough to mine for richer material. Benedict Cumberbatch's gender-bending role as a competing supermodel is a great example. We get about three minutes of big laughs from the character, but then he's spent and is cast aside. Even the returning faces seem lighter and less interesting, particularly Will Ferrell's big-haired fashion mogul, Mugatu. They're propped up with sight gags and cheap one-liners, but there's no masking the lack of inspiration in their writing and performance. Humor arrives in sprinkles throughout this film, like a series of not-quite-ready pitches for an upcoming episode of SNL, but that's not good enough to make up for a bland, obvious storyline and an aimless, meandering pair of central character arcs. Pointless and under-cooked, or maybe over-cooked, considering how long it was left to incubate. Whatever the cause, it's a swing and a miss.

Reviewed by Gavin Purtell 6 / 10

Silly, easy fun

'Zoolander 2' is the long (15 years!) anticipated sequel to the endlessly quotable original fashion satire. Derek (Stiller) has become a "hermit crab" recluse after a quickly-explained tragedy occurred in 2001. Likewise, Hansel (Wilson) is living a nomadic life with his 11-person harem-esque "orgy". There's plenty of sight gags & cameos right from the start. The film opens with a Bond-style car/foot chase through Rome, with the joke being that it's Justin Bieber and there's a criminal organisation going around killing pop stars. He's a good sport, getting shot by literally 100's of bullets! This brings Derek & Hansel to Rome to come out of their hibernation.

Valentina (Cruz) from Interpol steps in to protect them/find Derek's long-lost son, Derek Jr (Arnold). She looks fantastic (@ 41) in her red leather suit and later in her swimsuit, lamenting her "annoying, plus-size naturals" that kept her from being a 'proper' model! After appearing in Alexanya Atoz (Wiig - looking likely what Miley Cyrus will look like in 15 years!) and Don Atari (Mooney - super annoying)'s fashion show and getting ridiculed, they uncover that Mugatu (Ferrell) is behind everything from his prison cell. It then turns into a bit of a Bond film, with a lava pit involved!

If you're watching this hoping for some cerebral comedy, you're in the wrong place. There's heaps of dumb jokes (most involving mispronunciation), dozens of cameos (Zane, Sutherland, Cumerbatch, Armisen, Sarandon, Sting, Perry, Nelson, Moss, deGrasse Tyson) and plenty of Blue Steel/Magnum's from everyone - but it is, at heart, a comedy lambasting the superficiality and stupidness of modelling and fashion. Definitely not as good as the original, but whenever Stiller, Wilson & Ferrell are on screen together, there's going to be laughs. It's really well-paced - never gets boring - and has consistent chuckles, with a few great moments.

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